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3202 Birds Hill Road - Box 38041 - East. St. Paul, MB R2E 1H3
Full Day Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten Program: (204) 415-1911
Toddler, Half Day & Alternating Kindergarten Montessori Program: (204) 661-4441
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Sky's The Limit Montessori schools in east st. paul is located just minutes from Winnipeg in the heart of the Town of Birds Hill.
Areas & neighbourhoods we service: East St. Paul - Oakbank - West St. Paul - East Kildonan - North Kildonan - North Winnipeg and surrounding areas
We offer: Full Days - Half Days - Summer Montessori - Infant/Toddler and Parent Montessori Programs

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Full Day Toddler Montessori Program (2 – 3 years of age):

Sky’s The Limit Montessori School’s Toddler Classroom is a unique program designed specifically to inspire, guide and nurture your child’s kinder spirit and their desire for natural exploration and learning.

Our carefully and beautifully designed Montessori environment has child size furniture that is tailored to guide this young age group of children and their ever-growing curious mind to help focus, foster and build their self-confidence, concentration skills and self-led independence, but most of all to continuously influence their spontaneous love for learning with deliberately designed activities that will challenge and develop your children’s natural movements, life skills, and stages in development such as:

- Eye/hand coordination
- Fine and gross motor skills
- Sensorial exploration
- Visual acuity
- Expand vocabulary
- Cognitive, social and emotional development
- Natural exploration of ones’ self and the environment in which they work and grow in

Children are free to move around the environment and choose their own activities based on interest and readiness. Children are not segregated according to age, forced to join in a group activity or work on something they do not freely choose. Children in the Toddler Montessori program will rarely all be doing the same activity at the same time as each child’s interest and choice is unique as they learn at their own pace. The Montessori Teacher Guides in the program will also therefore be rarely doing the same thing at the same time as they are continuously guiding and are readily available to each child based on their individual level of growth, understanding and development.

Our Montessori Teacher Guides are kind, gentle, loving and supportive individuals who strive to understand and care for each child’s individual needs. Great care and daily observation of each child is taken by the Montessori Teacher Guides thus ensuring the activities are perfectly presentable, clean and relevant to meet the sensitive periods and interests of the children. The activities are changed regularly through the Teacher Guides observations and when the activities have proven to out grow the interest or need of the children within the program.

Our Toddler Program has been carefully designed to help young children benefit from a warm, nurturing and caring consistent daily rhythm when away from home. A child who attends our Montessori School will become accustomed to separating from his/her parents with ease and care, will relate to the Teacher Guides and the other children within the program through socialization, recess, songs, free play and exploration. Your child will adjust to the rhythm of our school and all it has to offer through our consistent daily schedule by providing a balance of calm and peaceful orientated activities, time for snacks and lunch, bath rooming/toilet training, napping and outdoor recess play. Our goal is for your child to feel safe and loved in our home away from home.

Please e-mail Candise at or call (204) 661-4441 for more information regarding enrolment.


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