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3202 Birds Hill Road - Box 38041 - East. St. Paul, MB R2E 1H3
Full Day Montessori Preschool/Kindergarten Program: (204) 415-1911
Toddler, Half Day & Alternating Kindergarten Montessori Program: (204) 661-4441
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Sky's The Limit Montessori schools in east st. paul is located just minutes from Winnipeg in the heart of the Town of Birds Hill.
Areas & neighbourhoods we service: East St. Paul - Oakbank - West St. Paul - East Kildonan - North Kildonan - North Winnipeg and surrounding areas
We offer: Full Days - Half Days - Summer Montessori - Infant/Toddler and Parent Montessori Programs

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Some recent testimonials from our families ...
"Over the past 3 years we have been extremely pleased with Sky's The Limit Montessori. The educators passion for teaching and love for children is highly evident. We are so proud to be part of the Sky's The Limit Montessori family."

Jade Chambers
"The day my little guy started Sky's The Limit Montessori school I said goodbye to my baby gave him a big hug lingered in the doorway a little longer then I should and finally walked off to my car where I cried one of those really hard cries. Would be okay? would he make a friend? Well just over 6 hours later I went to go pick my little guy up to here " it was the best day ever! " Over the next ten months my 4 year old would learn all the letters in alphabet, numbers up to 50 ,math skills like addition, label all the provinces of Canada and so much more. The teachers not only became our friends, they are an extension of our family. My child's education as worth every penny and I am so very glad we made the decision to enrol him in the program."

Natalie Martin

"Molly & Ethan really enjoyed their time at Sky's The Limit. We found this program to be great prior to starting Elementary school. They learned so much and the teachers were phenomenal. The small class sizes as well as individual attention was great! I would recommend this program to anyone! Thanks so much for the years of great service provided to our family!"

The McNaught Family

"Sky's The Limit is such a wonderful program! Sending your child for the first time anywhere is daunting and it is comforting to know Sky's The Limit has several procedures in place that ensure your children and safe and taken care of, from strict door policy, check in with a teacher at the door and bathroom rules. The teachers genuinely care about the kids in the classes, they treat them as their own. The first time my son read, it brought his teacher to tears:) I can't express what my son has learned. It is amazing. Time and time again, he has surprised me with an idea, lesson or word that I had NO idea how he knew it. The most amazing thing that Sky's The Limit has done, is taught me how to be a more patient parent. I have seen day after day how the teachers resolve issues with the kids and talk to my son patiently, with respect and I like to learn from their example. I am so proud to send my son to the school and can't wait for my other guy to have the opportunity as well."

Leah Azevedo
"Sky's The Limit Montessori was an amazing learning environment for both my children. The staff is kind, patient & passionate about teaching. My kids learned early reading, writing, and math skills & really helped to prepare them for grade school. I will continue to recommend Sky's The Limit Montessori to anyone looking for an excellent preschool experience."

Natalie Lopes
"My son has been attending Sky's The Limit Montessori for over 3 years. One of the reason's I choose Sky's The Limit is from the moment I walked into the door the school provided a warm home feeling. My son not only receives the care and encouragement necessary for his growth & development, the staff take an invested interest in each and every child. This a wonderful learning environment for my son it is his extended home away from home."

Leslie Towler
"Sky's The Limit Montessori School is a very special place.   My family is truly grateful for the amazing staff and programming.  They not only care for and educate our children but they LOVE our children.   This is shown to our kids every day.  The staff is very attentive, loving and are so aware of each child’s individual needs. 
The programming at Sky's The Limit Montessori is absolutely incredible.  Our kids have learned many practical life skills - such as pouring; mathematical skills - such as knowing and understanding place value; literacy skills – such as letter sounds, word building and reading; musical skills - such as how to play a glockenspiel and beat recognition; social skills – such as sitting in a circle, understanding how to take turns and have a conversation; French language skills – such as knowing colors and counting in French; Geographical skills – such as knowing Canadian provinces, cities and landmarks; and so, so much more! We are extremely blessed that Sky's The Limit Montessori School has touched the lives our children!  Thank you!"

Amanda and Dustin Dent
"My son spend 2 wonderful years at Sky's The Limit Montessori prior to kindergarten. Mattox loved 'his school' and without these 2 years and the patience and kindness of his teachers, kindergarten would not have started so smooth! They helped him gain much needed confidence in himself and encouraged him to learn new and exciting things on a daily basis. My daughter will be joining the program this year and I am confident that she will love it just as much! "

Shauna Colosimo
"As a parent, I know that it is hard to find a preschool and school that fosters an enriching learning atmosphere, at the same time providing a healthy and caring environment for your children. When you drop your children off, you need to know that they are safe and well taken care of. The staff and the philosophy of Sky's The Limit Montessori are exactly that. I have never been more happier and satisfied. My children learned so much, that I was amazed each and every day when they would come home and share with me what they learned or what they did at school or preschool. I will never forget, and will always cherish, the day my son came home with a sewn map of Canada, or when my daughter, who was 2 at the time, came running out of the classroom saying "I had a good day Mommy! Are you proud of me?". The staff are wonderful to talk to and provide the perfect teaching opportunities to nurture and strengthen any child's potential. My only wish is that they could offer higher grades than Kindergarten :)."

Cheryl Z.
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