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Sky's The Limit Montessori schools in east st. paul is located just minutes from Winnipeg in the heart of the Town of Birds Hill.
Areas & neighbourhoods we service: East St. Paul - Oakbank - West St. Paul - East Kildonan - North Kildonan - North Winnipeg and surrounding areas
We offer: Full Days - Half Days - Summer Montessori - Infant/Toddler and Parent Montessori Programs

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Sky's the Limit MONTESSORI School - Preschool and Kindergarten / Alternating Kindergarten Montessori Program
Preschool Montessori Program (3-6 years of age)
Kindergarten Full Day/Kindergarten Alternating Day Montessori Program (5-6 years of age)


The child learns oral language naturally. He automatically absorbs it from his environment.The work of the teacher is to expose him to the equivalent forms of written language, which he learns through the same general pattern of development. The Montessori child begins reading when he is ready and proceeds at his own pace. His experiences in practical life and sensorial education serve as a preparation for this. The sandpaper letters provide a phonetic basis for reading. The child’s desire and sensitivity to touch are utilized by these letters that are cut out of sandpaper and mounted for tracing. With the moveable alphabet the child builds his own words on a mat. The material frees him from the fatigue of his still developing writing skills, and yet gives him the opportunity to pursue his interest in words. These activities serve as a preparation for the time when the child assimilates what he knows and explodes into writing.


The materials for mathematics introduce the concept of quantity and its symbols. The quantity is introduced by a series of rods which the child can count and compare. The child matches sets of symbol cards with the rods. Using a variety of beads and symbol cards, the child becomes familiar with the numbers as a decimal system, including concrete experiences with the operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. These exercises not only teach the child to calculate, but they provide a deepunderstanding of how numbers function.

Practical Life

The child is attracted to activities that give him/her independence and control of his/her own life. A most important need of the young child is to develop his muscles and coordinate his movement through such practical life exercises as sweeping, polishing, carrying water, pouring and washing a table. Special Montessori materials enable him to tie, button, snap and use many other fastening devices. The purpose of these exercises is to developconcentration, and to pay attention to detail as the child follows a regular sequence of actions and to learn good working habits. These activities provide the very foundation on which the child approaches more academic exercises.


One aspect of the Montessori Method taught at all Montessori schools is the Sensorial exercises. Sensorial Materials in the Montessori classroom are designed to sharpen the senses of the young child and enable the childto understand the many impressions he receives through them. Each of the Sensorial Materials isolates one defining quality such as: colour, weight, shape, texture, size, sound or smell. Sound boxes for example, are all the same size, shape, colour and texture; they differ only in the sounds which are made when the child shakes them. The Montessori Sensorial Materials help the child to distinguish, to categorize, and to relate new information to what he already knows. His intellect is trained to make order out of a multitude of experiences and to increase his perception of the world around him which is the learning process.

Cultural and Geography

In the cultural area, the child is introduced to many different areas. The children will learn about geography, history, zoology, botany and science. The children will explore each of these sections with many materials which include countries of the world, continents, flags, landforms, living and non-living things, plants and animals, life cycles and simple experiments. Each month a child will study a different country. Along with the study of the country, the children will engage in activities to help the child’s awareness. For example: when studying the country of China, the children would make the flag, cook a traditional Chinese dish, and learn the characters, dance and costume.

Additional Program: Music & Yoga Programs (learn more)

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