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Sky's The Limit Montessori schools in east st. paul is located just minutes from Winnipeg in the heart of the Town of Birds Hill.
Areas & neighbourhoods we service: East St. Paul - Oakbank - West St. Paul - East Kildonan - North Kildonan - North Winnipeg and surrounding areas
We offer: Full Days - Half Days - Summer Montessori - Infant/Toddler and Parent Montessori Programs

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Sky's the Limit MONTESSORI School in East St. Paul - Additional Programs

YOGA Program

During the months of January to March, the school will be running a yoga for kids program. This program assists children in learning how to self-calm, develop strong limber and healthy bodies, increase focus, concentration and attention span, foster creative expression, imagination, cultivate self-esteem, cope with life stressors more effectively, setting patterns of success and achievement. Our core programs of the Montessori Method include: Language, Mathematics, Practical Life, Sensorial, Cultural Geography.

MUSIC Program

Music is incorporated each day in our circle as part of our daily program.

The children proceed upstairs to the church hall where they are greeted with a familiar welcoming song played on a xylophone. This gentle accompaniment and the teacher's singing encourages them to join in group singing. This is a powerful tool for building community. Each child also hears their name sung by the teacher and has the oppo rtunity to sing a short solo. They are then invited to play percussioninstruments which originate from a variety of cultures.

These are real instruments (not toys). They learn to name these and how to make the best sound. Moving and grooving comes next as we move off the carpet to the large open area where the children explore the concepts of high and low, loud and soft, smooth and sharp. Keeping the beat by clapping, stepping, stamping, or by tapping an instument is one of the primary skills needed at this early age.The children enjoy dancing, singing action songs and following the teacher in guided movement activities. Then it's back to the carpet for some finger plays and rhythmic poems focusing on some aspect of music theory. The class ends with a goodbye song and a bow between students and teacher to show mutual respect.

ART Program

Children develop a variety of basic skills which allows them to use multi media to express their creativity thru art.

Gardening/Composting Program

At Sky’s the Limit our children are exposed to gardening and composting to teach environmental awareness by exploring the workings of nature. While maintaining our garden the children experience the satisfaction of caring for something over time and observe the cycle of life firsthand. Little fingers love to play in the dirt and this program allow them to develop a curiosity and skill set that is transferable to everyday life which something the Montessori strives to do with all its work. As the garden grows their self esteem grows along side it once it’s time to harvest their very own produce. Using our natural waste from our lunch and snacks we are able to turn waste into one of the most beautiful and productive mediums. The children experience the amazing effects of composting and learn the compost recipe of layering green and brown with a good sprinkling from our rain barrel to wet the ingredients. Once our compost is ready to be used it nourishes our garden.

Cooking and Baking Program

The cooking and baking program engages the child in a dynamic, hands on experience with meal preparation, and the understanding of nutrition and healthy eating in a fun way. The children learn about kitchen safety and proper clean up. We offer a variety of ethnic dishes which allows the child to explore all senses and develop an appreciation for divers cultures. We respect the different needs of the children’s food sensitivities and allergies and will do our due diligence to ensure their safety.

*Additional subjects include: art, circle, music, movement, cooking, nutrition, and keeping ourplanet green.

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